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Went to platos closet today with a box full of clothes. Now this is not my first time at Plato and I know that they don't take everything, but this time they didn't even go threw my entire box.

I did not stay and watch as they went threw it. So I'm under the impression that they saw what was on the top and that was it. Upon picking up my clothes I was told my items are out of style for the store. Which I knew was a crock of bull because i saw multiple items on their racks that where similar to what I brought in.

I assure you this will be my last time going to platos and I will be telling others not to go as well. Included in the picture below are some of the items that I took to platos. In this picture are Levi's straight leg white jeans (never worn, but some how out of style) a lactose tee-shirt, mossimo and Aeropostale jeans along with the many others.

Victoria secret bikini top and bottom never worn. Etc ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Platos Closet Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Treatment of employees, Custemer service.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1277285


if you dint stay there but somehow know they didnt look at your stuff.they have video to prove.

what they dont have is a curb side drop off service- no of them do.

btw levis , aero and mossimo all have codes or dates inside telling them when it was manufactured- duh

Laurel, Maryland, United States #1264595

If they already have a bunch of similar items that are probably not selling, then they don't want more of them. It's a business, not a friendship.

Don't take it personally. You are acting like a baby.

Muncie, Indiana, United States #1264019

I imagine they have to put up with people like you all of the the time.

"never worn, but some how out of style"

Those are two separate things. I can buy a brand new outfit that's in style, never wear it, and it can still go out of style.

That's like buying a carton of milk, not opening it for a year, then trying to take it back and claim it's never been used.

Doesn't matter. New products have come in.

to offconsumerpissed Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1264037

People like me? That's an assumption.

Now I agree that people can buy stuff and not wear them. And they go out of style. However I didn't know white Levi's jeans where on a list. And as I said in my original post I know they might not take everything but they DIDNT EVEN LOOK THREW MY ENTIRE BOX !!

Then they told me my clothes where out of style. Including the white Levi's that where in the bottom that they never looked at.

to Bevans315 Anchorage, Alaska, United States #1264143

I'm sorry but...


It's through not threw.

2. It's were not where

3. White Levi's have never and will never be in style.

Why do you think you never wore them. And white after Labor Day is a sin.

4. It's *** January 1st and zero degrees and you are trying to sell them summer clothes?

Pastels and tank tops? They have limited floor space that need things that people are buying right now.

5. If you are broke from the Holidays and need rent join the 30 other people who dropped off clothes before you. 6.

Cut them slack it's New Years day after and almost EVERYONE is a little hungover or at least sleep deprived.

Maybe you should take a nap.

to Anonymous Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1264253

Wow ! So making grammar commets is supposed to help the problem.

I don't think many people still follow that rule because everyday after Labor Day is a day after Labor Day until the day before. Levi's are still in style. So I have no idea what your talking about. Yes it's January but no it's not zero below in the state of FLORIDA.

Where I am currently wearing tank top and shorts. I love the assumptions that people make. I need money for my rent. Nope, I make and have enough money.

But I also had clothes sitting in my closet that I figured why not try to sell before taking to Salvation Army. They didn't sell so to Salvation Army they went. You internet trolls are horrible people that just want something to type. So please let me explain to you my issue.

The gentleman told me my clothes where out of style. Which is fine and I get that. My issue is that HE DID NOT GO THREW THE ENTIRE BOX BEFORE HE TOLD ME THAT! So he lied and that's bad customer service.

I don't care that they didn't take my clothes. Cuz like I said in my first post this is not my first time there. But normally when that happens is because they went threw the whole box and made that decision. So just so u understand and everyone else what the problem is.

HE TOLD ME MY CLOTHES WHERE OUT OF STYLE WITHOUT CHECKING THREW MY ENTIRE BOX. HE MADE AN ASSUMPTION, TOLD ME A LIE, OFFERED *** CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PISSED ME OFF. The only thing I wanted to come from this, is that every other person walking in their would have their entrire box/bag checked. It's not fair to the people bringing in clothes.

and it's not a good look for the company if multiplie people have said the same thing.

So please ... hush !

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