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I took in five huge bags of name brand in style clothes the guy (Seth) didn't completely look through them a few items had spots I understood that, but while they were supposedly going through my items I was trying to sell I was doing some shopping and had the pleasure of them looking directly at me as if in disgust my sister heard and saw it as well. I heard comments such as how I was nasty and my clothes were *** just like me.

Tell me how five huge bags (garbage bags) were gone and sorted through in under two mins? They judged me as soon as walked in the door. I had to be degraded and humiliated. I have never been treated with such disrespect and when I asked for the owner the man told me he was the owner and he continued to disrespect me.

Calling me a liar when I told him my sister and I heard all the snide remarks that were clearly directed to me and my items. I know because I was the only one who brought in clothing at that time and had such a large amount of clothing. I'm posting pics of clothes I tried to sell but this isn't even half of it I had perfect silver jeans, big stars miss me, Hollister, VS,buckle, old navy, American eagle, aero, and soo much more in great condition so please tell me why this guy disrespected me my sister heard and witnessed it. I take very good care of my clothes and they were my clothes he accused me of stealing them when they came from my closet and I do a lot of buy, sell, and trading.

I want this made right I deserve compensation for what my clothes are worth. My name is rose partridge 5035691152 please contact me ASAP

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Yeah, I didn't like them either. I took my daughter with some designer clothes that she had never even worn.

They had been valued at about $200 and she was only given $5. I was expecting her to at least receive $20-50. She had all of five items and we were stuck in that *** store for over an hour waiting for them to "go through" the clothes.

I kept looking over at the counter and all they were doing was talking to one another while one clerk was occasionally ringing up customers. I was so done.


Even if they did take your clothes they don't really give you any money for them. Like you, I brought in a large amount of expensive clothing of my daughter's.

They could not have had the time to properly look through all of it before they told me none of it was acceptable. Do yourself a favor, look for a consignment store or there are groups on FB or even a yard sale would get you more $$.

I took one of the Banana Republic jackets & a GAP puffy vest to another local store & made $30. Way, way more than they would have given me for the whole bag.

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #942353

How they treated you is reprehensible, lets just get that out there. Saying nasty things is never okay.

HOWEVER, they aren't obligated to take or sell anything. While they may be in nice shape Plato's is usually looking for high end, designers, things they have a profit margin on. The brands you mentioned (even though they sometimes have them) are not at all their typical intakes. Except for some of the jeans possibly (depending on the brand and condition the buckle stuff, Big Stars).

But Hollister and Old Navy? You're thinking they're a thrift store, they're more like consignment.

to CJChristi #1097777

Are you for real? "High end" clothes at Platos Closet?

Most of their *** is from Forever 21. On the rare occasions I've actually found quality, expensive designer items they've been priced ridiculously low because the "just out of high school" idiots that work in these stores have no idea what quality is.

No one in their right mind would consider Abercrombie and Forever 21 and cheap factory made Michael Kors *** from an outlet mall to be "high end". You're ridiculous.

to Anonymous #1453627

totally agree with you, they do not know about fashion!! the ones that are outdated are them! they dress horrible and had a terrible sense of style!


You posted your full name and phone number on a public general complaints website. Who are you asking to contact you? No, you can't make anyone buy your clothes, although I agree if everything happened as you stated, there is no excuse for such terrible behavior on the part of the employees.

Pasadena, California, United States #923249

Sorry- no one is obligated to buy your stuff. It's all about supply and demand and capacity. Stop being defensive.


AHAHAHAHAHA. Wait, wait, wait.

You "deserve compensation"?

I'm going to p*ss my pants laughing at this. Looks like Seth was right about you if this is the attitude you have.


I had this problem too, they are judgemental.

However, they are a private business and you cannot MAKE them take your stuff, no matter how great you think it is. If they don't want to sell it, they aren't obligated.

You don't DESERVE compensation, it's their choice.

In my case, the staff told me that my daughter's jeans were all 'years old', when in fact I'd bought them that school year. She was 14 years old and had grown about 2 inches and 10 lbs or so, they just no longer fit.

Since they wouldn't accept them, I donated them.

You can't make them compensate you for a private decision. Sell them on eBay, or donate, the choice how you handle it is up to you :)

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