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I walked in planning to sell three shirts I had never sold anything to platos closet before. so the lady very rudely explains to me it has to be in a bag or box in order for her to touch it.

So I walked back to my truck amd grabbed an auto zone bag and returned inside. She was snide. I had an express shirt thats plain pink a Ralph Lauren striped shirt and a plain black chaps shirt. She clearly saw what I walked in with and yet made me wait 45 minutes to tell me nice try they're not trending.

Straight up *** and the girl working with her gave EVERYONE dirty looks when they would ask for something or where it was.

Ive bought many things from platos before but if something doesnt change ill never spend a dime to them again. And this isnt the first among my friends so this will be "trending" along my news feed for all to see

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Geez all she did was post a complaint I thought that was what this site was for. All these comments are mean don't u have anything better to do then to insult people?

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #904318

Dear sweet Buddha, those shirts are hideous.

to Tiff #1151926

That comment seriously wasn't necessary

Florida, United States #892967

emmaxgrace, nobody is named emma grace any more, that is sooo 5 years ago. Your attitude is perfect for Plato's Closet, you might want to apply for a job there.

Snotty b*tch. Sorry about your attitude and your ugly, common and trashy name.

Oh and that you buy all your clothes at what's basically a thrift store, yet you try and act like you're so above thrift stores. Sorry but you're not all that special and Plato's Closet is perfect for people like you.

Killeen, Texas, United States #874116

You all need to Grow up


Let's be realistic here. I buy pretty much all of my clothes from Plato's and I would be sad if they would have accepted your shirts.

No one wears Polo's anymore except for when it's required by their job or school. Secondly, that green and blue striped one is hideous!

I love Plato's Closet and thank God they are selective because that means I don't have to sift through a bunch of *** when I go there. You'd be better off donating to a thrift store.

to emmaxgrace #1165105

What universe do you live in where "no one wears polos anymore." I'm fairly certain ralph lauren would beg to differ. Every time spring and summer roll around i see a great many people in polos and I've lived in a number of states so it's not like it's a regional thing

Go to literally any college campus in summer and you'll see hundreds of kids wearing polos. What an asinine thing to claim


I like how people post a comment in anger and claim they did not make that comment rather than apologize and admit to fault, shows real immaturity then and there. I bet later on she will come back and complain she did not make the post saying she wishes bad service to everyone. Some people need to grow up.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #869007

She did not post that reply, if you look one of her replies you cannot click on, and it is in black font rather than blue font.


I like how people posting these reviews act like young children yet they call the person old enough to hold a job a girl. Not only that you spell like a second grader. An adult can read signs and not ask where things are, but a young girl cannot so if anyone should be referred to girl it should be you for behaving like a seven year old,


Not sure why people get all offended when Plato's declines to buy their stuff. They are under no obligation to buy everything people put in front of them.

Sell your stuff on ebay.

You will make more than what Plato's would have offered you anyway! Had they taken those 3 shirts, you would have walked out with about .75 cents!

to Anonymous #868755

The funny thing is she is mistaking them not buying her stuff as being rude. I like how she refers to the employee as a girl aka a child when she acts like she is seven herself.

to Anonymous #868773

Haha funny! The customer service is ***!

Im not mad that they didnt buy my shirts, im mad because she knew what I brought in and still made me wait only to then decline the sell! Wasting my time. I write like a 2nd grader?! Alright.

The fact that u have the time to reply to peoples "bad experiences" and downgrade them... shows you have an attitude of a 2nd grader! The "girl" I'd exactly what she acted like.

In no way was she professional. Neither of them would be promised a job with my company.

to xoxcaptainxox #868775

No you are the one acting like a girl. If you are going to be butthurt over someone's replies perhaps you should not be posting.

You act like a child you will have people downgrade you. You act your age and this will not happen.

to Anonymous #868779

You are *** and don't know how to read. I should not be forced to sell my stuff on Ebay if they lack basis customer service skills, I share my experience and get accused of acting like a second grader.

You are ***, I would have gotten more than 75$ for the shirts. that is less than a dollar.

to xoxcaptainxox #868783

First of call calling someone names is childish and immature, and second, the $ sign should be before the number not after it, and third the sign for cents is ¢ not $.

to Anonymous #868789

It should say first off! And I didnt write the comment above what I wrote was taken out of context and something was added.

Not sure how that happened but. Obviously my complaint to u is childish so I hope u get tons of the same service and come back to complain and have the same thing dont to u.

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